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New Demo Artist Otheni Thompson joins the Sustainable Components team! 5–10–2017
Otheni Thompston
Otheni Thompston is the extremely talented lead guitarist and singer for the Philadelphia based "Ill Fated Natives". His emotional playing style is wildly inspiring and remnicant of some of the great guitar players of our time. Best of luck to Otheni and the rest of the "Ill Fated Natives" on their global journey toward a much needed musical revolution. Click the image/link for a quick listen.
Guitar legend Gary Clark Jr. recieves the gift of sustain 8–10–2016
Gary Clark Jr.
Gary Clark Jr. tooling around with his hardtail SC-1 for the first time. This guitar was given to him as a gift for helping to keep me inspired throughout the design process. It is an honor and a privilege having such a world-renowned guitar prodigy behind one of our designs. Click the image/link for a quick listen.
New Demo Artist David "Stitcx" Rapaport joins the Sustainable Components team! 5–1–2016
Stitcx is an extremely talented Israeli born songwriter and guitarist who currently lives in Los Angeles. He moved his band Mothers Anger to the states and reformed in Seattle with Joseph Braley and Jordan Cook to become Reignwolf. His current project brings in Katie Blackstock on vocals and they are now known as the band Maszer. Stitcx is currently playing a heavily modified SC-1 "Buitar" which is a guitar that plays through both a guitar amp and a bass rig simultaneously. Maszer is currently on tour in the western United States. Check out Stitcx playing his new rig for the first time at the Resident in Los Angeles
The Echomatic gets reviewed by Tone Report Weekly 8–1–2015
tone report
The almighty Tone Report Weekly has chosen the Echomatic for one of the fetured reviews in their current issue. We are very proud to be represented in this peer reviewed journal. Its great to know that our pedal ranks in with the best acourding to these guys. I think they really hit the nail on the head with the tonal descriptions and comparisons. Be sure to check out their free weekly magazine, its pretty awesome.
Check out our recent interview with Instagram 6–13–2015
instagram blog
The people over at Instagram in Menlo Park CA contacted us a few weeks ago and said that they would like to fly down for an interview. Well, it happened and they wound up putting a great article about us on the Instagram Blog this week. We are very happy to be a part of this great news feed. Please read the full article on their Blog.
We now have an Etsy shop! 1–7–2015
etsy shop
Our products are now available directly from Etsy. Please visit our Etsy shop to see whats new and place international orders. As always, orders can still be placed through email corospondence If you wish.
Staci Cocuzza designs our second ad 8–13–2014
staci cocuzza
Staci Cocuzza is a talented local textile artist. She is an accomplished clothing and accessory designer, and currently lives in Manhattan Beach California. Her stylish sticker design will be a welcome addition to our current ad campaign.
Karlsen Clay designs our first ad 7–3–2014
karlsen clay
Karlsen Clay has delivered on our first ad. The campaign consists of a series of concert style posters designed by different local artists of varying artistic styles. The posters will be screen printed and also made into stickers and t-shirts. Karlsen Clay is an artist based out of West Hollywood, California. He has fifteen years of experience working in visual arts, primarily in the fields of industrial design, graphic design and fine arts. He is the author of Gendergarten - an art and essay book spotlighting West Hollywood's changing cultural landscape, and Access Mundane - a continuing portrait study of West Hollywood residents.
Watch our new promo video 6–18–2014
play video
Check out our new promotional video. The video outlines the company's mission and shows how we currently make the guitars by hand. In the future, a kickstarter promotion will aim at securing the first 10 or so orders so we have the promised capital to make the move into a real shop (Currently romantically working out of the garage...I know, thats how Apple started too). In addition to guitar pre-orders, we will be giving away our effect pedals at a much lower donation level. Please let us know what you think on our contact page.